Thursday, August 3, 2017

Meet Jamie—a student out of Training for Warriors Laurel

          Before coming to Training for Warriors Laurel, Jamie was struggling with maintaining her workouts at home and staying consistent. She was losing her motivation to workout because she was working out alone to DVDs. She was ready for a change, but just wasn’t sure what that change was going to be.

          One day she was in her doctor’s office, and a nurse practitioner told her about our Dojo. She’d never heard of us before, but she knew that she needed to try something different.
“I knew I didn't want to just go to a gym where there's equipment everywhere because I didn’t really want to keep working out alone, nor did I know what exercises I needed to do except the ones I had been doing for the previous year.  I checked out numerous gyms in the area, but none offered a workout routine or class other than the typical aerobic, spin, yoga, or similar classes.   I wanted a class that involved weights. I'm so glad I found TFW!”
           Since coming to TFW Laurel and staying committed to making a change, she has been able to maintain her weight loss for 2 years, improve her stamina, feel better, and establish some relationships with other people that she is very thankful for. She believes that the daily nutrition tips, learning new exercises, and logging her workouts through warrior tracker have been some of the keys that have helped to contribute to her success. The TFW coaches and TFW tools have helped her see how far she has come, and helped her to stay focused on where she is going.
“I still have goals to achieve, but I know that if I can discipline myself with the nutrition, I will get there!”
          Do you have a story that sounds similar to Jamie’s before she came to TFW Laurel? If so, we'd love to help you! Our next 8 Week Warrior Challenge starts on Monday, August 21st. Click the link below for more information.

Hope to see you in our Dojo soon!

Coach Chuck

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